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So what is it that we do exactly?

   First of all, Welcome and Thank you for your interest in our Quickbooks Data Repair and the services we provide. 

To answer your question...

We provide state of the art database repair for all versions of Intuit's QuickBooks® Accounting Software.

We also offer several other services designed to help your database run as smooth and effectively as possible.

So, let's talk about a few of the Quickbooks data services we offer.

Quickbooks Data Repair
This service is focused on the repair of a corrupt database file, maybe you have received one of the many -6xxx error codes, you are unable to pass a file verification due to some type of database corruption or your are receiving a message claiming that "This is not a Quickbooks data file". Whatever the cause we know the frustration caused by a damaged data file and we are here to help.

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Quickbooks Data Recovery
  Data recovery services are available for users who have suffered some failure of the media where their Quickbooks database is stored. In addition to our staff of database engineers, we also have at our disposal a fully outfitted drive recovery lab. Our team of exceptional drive recovery specialists can repair even physically damaged digital storage devices, such as a hard drive that has been dropped or damaged.

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Quickbooks Database Maintenance
Maintenance services have been gaining a lot of importance in recent years, as Quickbooks database grow ever larger and more resource demanding. We've tailored our optimization service to improve the performance of your database. Our Quickbooks optimization service is one of the most cost effective ways to quickly improve the performance of your Quickbooks environment. 

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Why Choose Quickbooks Data Repair
The privacy and security of your information is paramount, all data transfers are done on encrypted servers with the highest level of security we can provide. Only you and the technician working on your data will ever have access to your data. Once you are satisfied with our service, we completely destroy all stored copies of your database.

24/7 Access to a Technician

Ask yourself something, should you really trust not only your data, but that of all your customers, vendors and suppliers to just anyone. We don't and our Technicians do not hide behind a wall of so called customer support reps who read canned answers to you. If you work with us you will speak directly to the person working on your data. Why trust a company that won't even provide you with a phone number?
Flat Rate Pricing
We do everything in our power to put your mind at ease and make this already stressful process as easy as possible. Throughout every step of this process you will be made aware of the costs associated with any service being requested. No work is ever performed without your approval. There is never any guesswork just straightforward pricing that you can be confident in. We back this up with a very simple policy
Realistic Turnaround Times

"Standard Service" Turnaround of 2-3 business days "Priority Service" 24-48 Weekends/Holidays included. 

Every job is different and there are some unique or very large databases that may require more time to complete. Our technicians will consult with you concerning your particular case and give you an honest assessment. We are not interested in wasting your time Prompt recovery of your data is always our goal!

Advanced Tools and Techniques
We are constantly evolving and keeping our team up to date with the most advanced tools and recovery techniques available. As technology has become more advanced so to has our team. We support every released version from the original DOS versions of Quickbooks, all the way to the most current release. With nearly 20 years in this business we are very proud to have maintained over a 95% success rate. 
While we boast some of the best success rates in the industry.  Unfortunately, the reality is there is no guarantee that your particular database will be repairable, after all we are technicians, not magicians and there are some rare cases where recovery is just not possible. What we can do is promise that you will never pay a penny for our standard service unless we can successfully repair the database.
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Common Quickbooks Database Issues
Quickbooks Error Codes
Here you will find a list of many common error codes and their meanings. In most cases if you are receiving one of these error codes Quickbooks Data Repair will be able to repair your database and get you back in action. 

 If you have questions regarding one of these errors, we suggest contacting one of our recovery specialists and discussing your situation with them.
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Backup Consulting
 Think of it this way, its not a matter of if you will suffer data loss, it is just a matter of when and will you be prepared?

Our backup consulting service is designed to help you prevent you from ever needing a data recovery service again, We will work with you from start of the project to the finish. We advise you based on your particular needs and help you setup and install an automated backup service you can rely on. 
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Password Recovery
 Our password recovery service is designed for users of Quickbooks who have lost of forgotten their password for the Administrator or other users profiles.  

The process is simple, send us your file and depending on the version of Quickbooks you are using, we reveal or remove all of the passwords for users including the Administrator. This service will grant you full access and control of your Quickbooks database.  
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Other Data Recovery Services We Provide
We’re a 24/7, Cost Efficient Data Recovery Services Designed for You.
Peachtree / Sage50 Data Repair
Peachtree and Sage50 use Pervasive.DAT files as the main data files used to store data. Often one or more of these files can become damaged creating a critical situation for you. 

The good news is in over 90% of these cases we are able to help. If you are unable to access your company data and suspect file damage our services may be just what you need. We are a cost effective alternative to hours and hours of manually re-entering your data.

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Hard Drive Recovery & Repair
 Although our website is dedicated to helping Quickbooks users, our drive repair and data recovery services are meant to serve anyone who has suffered a hard drive, RAID or other media failure. 

If you have found your way here looking for help with recovery of your digital media, but do not use Quickbooks, That is not a problem, our service is still available and at your disposal. Our team is available 24/7 providing assistance for all your hard drive recovery needs.

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iPhone and Android Recovery
Between Android and Apple there are millions of devices out there today and now more than ever we rely on our cell phones to store and transfer our valuable data.

This was just the logical next step for our organization, we already offer some of the most advanced tools ever developed. We have one singular goal in mind. Overcome data loss and keep you focused on running your business. If you have a device with important data trapped on it, then you've found the right place!
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