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   Quickbooks data recovery should not be confused with database repair, this service is designed for users who have suffered some failure of the media where their Quickbooks data is stored.  In addition to our staff of database engineers, we also have at our disposal a full class 100 clean room and a fully outfitted drive recovery lab. We are capable of repairing physically damaged hard drives, RAID servers, SSD drives and other forms of digital media. What this means to you is, no matter what the cause of your Quickbooks data loss we are your one stop source for Quickbooks file recovery at any level. 

   We classify digital media failure in one of three ways. The factors of your particular case will determine things like cost, time to recover and chances of success. Our experienced technicians can usually determine what you will need just by speaking with you for a few minutes, they will then advise you one what steps to take to submit your media for repair/recovery. The classifications for our recoveries are as follows...

  • Non-invasive or Logical - these recoveries includes any type of digital media and are commonly caused by virus attack, accidental deletion, sector errors, re-installation of the operating system, re-partitioning, formatting, file corruption, write errors, and many other problems that do not involve actual physical damage or failure of the media.
  • Physical or Invasive - This type of data recovery covers any media that has been damaged from shock, power surge, internal failure, accident, fire, liquid, damaged platters, basically any physical damaged media. Typically a clicking, ticking, whirring, or clunking noises emanating from the hard drive itself or in some cases no noises at all (the drive isn't spinning) are all signs of a physical failure.
  • Forensic Scan - No physical or Logical damage to the drive, The drive is scanned for deleted or intentionally removed data. These recoveries are usually preformed for a client who wishes to see what type of data is contained on a drive. Find out what an employee has been doing, or search a drive for evidence. 

   Although our website is dedicated to helping Quickbooks users, these drive repair and data recovery services are meant to serve anyone who has suffered a hard drive, RAID or other media failure. If you have found your way here looking for help with a recovery of your digital media, but do not use Quickbooks, That is not a problem, our service is still available and at your disposal.  In over 90% of the cases your company's data is not completely lost and can be recovered in whole or partially by our team of trained recovery technicians. You may receive error messages such as, "Disk Read Error", "No Operating System Found" or "Drive Not Found" from physically damaged media. These error messages are very much the same for any type of hard drive whether it's a drive from a RAID array, SCSI, a typical desktop or laptop drive and even micro drives.

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   Our team is available 24/7 providing assistance for all your hard drive data recovery needs. As far as we know we are the only company that offers both hard data recovery services and Quickbooks database repair under the same roof. This means we offer the most comprehensive Quickbooks recovery services available. Don't trust your data to just anyone, choose wisely and use the best service available!


Providing users a complete Database Repair, .QBW File Condense, Conversion and Optimization services for all of the following versions of Quickbooks. 

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